Winnipeg Video Production & Videography Services

Video Marketing is the Future of Digital Advertising in Winnipeg

Consumer time on mobiles is increasing while time spent with all other media is decreasing, according to research from eMarketer — further reflecting the need for marketers to prioritize mobile as the “first screen” that it has truly become. The affordable convenience and flexibility of wireless devices allow consumers to access and interact with digital content when they want, how they want, whenever they want. Understanding this fact is CRITICAL for marketers to succeed online and grow their business. Professional, creative and stylish video content provides the value, relevance and prestige consumers crave and the ROI marketers dream of. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a single minute of video content is worth 1.8 million words.*  

Make an Impact with Powerful HD Video Content Produced in Winnipeg by an Industry Leader 

I am a leading Winnipeg writer, video producer and digital marketing communications expert. Of all the digital media solutions I provide for my business partners, video is my favourite. My passion for telling stories and creating magic in an editing suite shows in every project I create. More importantly, video marketing is an incredible way to create content that is personal and has a real impact on your audience. It has an incomparable ability to create emotion driven sales – and sales are always personal on some level. Buyers want to feel good about their choice, and video marketing, when done correctly, is the best way to create this feeling.

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